Cucumbers: Do They Really Scare Cats?

For how many years, it has been bugging me why cats are scared of cucumbers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch a brief compilation of home videos first about cats freaking out just because of a vegetable here. 

If you search on YouTube about cats and cucumbers, the videos commonly show the owners deliberately putting the vegetable behind their feline pets. It is just the same formula: cat eats food, suddenly sees the cucumber behind it, and jumps as high as it can. Some cats stay to inspect the cucumber while others totally disappear from the room in seconds. That’s so weird, right?

Normal Cat Behavior

To understand the explanation completely, we have to know first how strong cats’ animal instincts are. My curiosity is strong on this because I think the cucumber thing only happens with cats. I have a dog and he never makes a big deal out of cucumbers. Thankfully, I came across Love That Pet blog. One of the blog’s articles explained comprehensively the cat and cucumber phenomenon.

First, it was explained that cats are alert all the time, even the lazy ones. Cats are born predators. That’s why they are in hunting mode always. Because of their inborn strengths, their weaknesses have something to do with speed, noise and lights. Their weaknesses trigger their strong senses without warning, making them scared. Cats are overly alert creatures who are conscious about any change in their surroundings.

Why Cucumbers?

Cats are not exactly afraid of cucumbers. They are scared that something changed in their surroundings without any warning. If cats are surprised, they panic. Their primal instincts probably make them associate cucumbers with snakes. The other explanation states that cucumbers might just be a certain trend wherein somebody started it and the rest followed.

Is It Okay to Scare Cats for Fun?

Cat owners that are reading this article must be thinking right now if they should try the prank and see for themselves. After all, the video looks innocent and harmless. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of this prank anymore after knowing the reason behind. Making cats think that there’s a predator behind them is cruel. The out-of-the-blue panic gives them a lot of stress. Continuous cat pranks lead to trauma, aggressiveness and other behavioral issues. These can also result to physical pain and damages because of the cat’s quick defense mechanism. The cat might hit a wall, fall down the stairs or break something.

However, if you want to treat your cat from this unhealthy fear, you can present the object slowly to them. They must see the whole process of you getting the object and giving it to them.

Final Thoughts

I may sound like a killjoy when I said that I don’t support cat pranks. But, there are actually other funny cat videos that are more harmless like cats playing the piano or sleeping in odd positions. If it is hard to believe that cucumber pranks are harmful to cats, then just imagine a killer clown prank being executed in front of you. That would scare me like crazy.